Siddharth Singh is responsible for total project management including controlling budgets, negotiating subcontracts, and providing day-to-day communication with the project team to ensure jobs remain on schedule and within budget. A team player, Siddharth holds an excellent track record of strong working relationships with their clients resulting in successful experiences.

Carlos Mogollon brings over 29 years plus of construction experience to his role as Operations Manager at MDA Stones. He manages the schedule, subcontractors, overall safety on the job site, and makes certain building material is delivered on time. By working closely with the owner and architect, Carlos ensures a safe and efficient project that is delivered on time and under budget.

Vinod Gurjar is responsible for supporting the implementation of MDA Stones marketing and business development efforts. His background includes a bachelor’s degree in Administration with a major in International Business & Sustainability from Royal Roads University and serving on the executive board of the parent company MDA Construction.

Megan Weiss is responsible for overseeing the support team, ensuring standard processes and procedures are maintained and MDA’s core values are upheld. Megan is vital to the project management team as she supports and plays an integral role in the overall success of MDA Stones Projects.